The Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA) is a nonprofit trade association of the world's foremost golf course builders and leading suppliers to the golf course construction industry. It was founded in the early 1970s, and its members represent all segments of the golf course construction industry.

It is the only organization in the world organized by and for golf course builders, and the only organization that represents the interests of the golf course construction industry.

The Association also endeavors to provide comprehensive programs and services to construction contractors and specialists in regard to the changing regulations and technology of golf course construction.

The GCBAA is a founding member of the National Golf Course Owners, and continues to work closely with the other Allied Associations of Golf including the American Society of Golf Course Architects, the National Golf Course Owners Association, the United States Golf Association, the National Golf Foundation and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, on a variety of issues that affect the golf course construction industry.

Mission Statement

The Golf Course Builders Association of America is dedicated to advancing and continuously improving the profession of golf course construction while serving the interests of its member companies.


The common goal of the Golf Course Builders Association of America's membership is to support the growth and vitality of the golf course industry while promoting the continued enjoyment of the game through the construction of the highest quality golf courses in the world.


  • To promote the general business of golf course builders through advertising, publicity, and public relations.
  • To foster and maintain high standards and ethical practices among contractors.
  • To promote the growth and economic structure of the golf industry through mutual cooperation and support of allied industry and professional groups, civic organizations, and the general public.
  • To speak for the golf course construction industry on a national and international level, and represent its interests at all times.
  • To encourage and maintain a spirit of harmony and cooperation among its members.


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