Certification Programs

The purpose of the Certification Program is to identify competent and experienced golf course builders and ensure uniform quality standards in the industry.  To be eligible for certification, a company must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been in the golf course construction business for at least five years (under the current company name)
  • Have completed construction of the equivalent of 18 holes of golf per year for each of the past five years under the direction of a golf course architect
  • Provide references from individuals in five of the following seven categories:
    • Owner/Developer
    • Golf Course Architect
    • Engineer
    • Irrigation Designer
    • Golf Course Superintendent
    • Municipality
    • GCBAA Certified Golf Course Builder
  • Provide references from a financial institution, credit agency, insurance company, and bonding company
  • Pass the written Certification Exam which is offered annually at the Golf Industry Show
  • Attend at least one GCBAA educational session per year
  • Consistently engage in ethical business practices

Certification is designed to be an ongoing process.  Companies are re-certified every year, and the list of Certified Golf Course Builders is updated annually.  

To apply for certification, a company must submit an application and secure the necessary letters of reference and supporting documentation.  A company representative will only be permitted to sit for the test once the application is complete.

The Certification Exam is two hours long and consists of 100 multiple choice questions covering various topics related to golf course construction. Examination topics include golf course design and layout, clearing, earth-moving, finish grading, drainage, green construction, bunker construction, irrigation, fertilization, seeding, soil structure, environmental regulations, building structures, cart paths, and grow-in. 

For an application, contact the GCBAA Executive Office at (402) 476-4444 or information@gcbaa.org.  

Certified Builder / Renovation Builder Exam Guide
Certified Golf Course Irrigation Contractor Exam Guide


Summer Meeting Winter Meeting Irrigation Education
Summer MeetingSummer MeetingSummer Meeting2015 - Colorado Springs Winter MeetingWinter MeetingWinter Meeting2015 - San Antonio Irrigation EducationIrrigation EducationIrrigation Education2015 - Colorado Springs / 2015 - San Antonio
Summer MeetingSummer MeetingSummer Meeting2016 - Jersey City (General Ed) AND (Breakout Sessions)
Winter MeetingWinter MeetingWinter Meeting2016 - San Diego
Irrigation EducationIrrigation EducationIrrigation Education2016 - Jersey City

Regional Meetings
December 9, 2015 - Fort Lauderdale, FL
April 13, 2016 - Carrollton, TX
June 8, 2016 - Mesa, AZ
November 15, 2016 - Myrtle Beach, SC
December 2, 2016 - Port St. Lucie, FL