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The Version 7.1 Cost Estimating Guide, released in February 2022, features average prices for more than 80-line items associated with golf course construction, along with manual line items for specific project needs.

"Since it was first introduced in 1996, our cost guides have been a must have for everyone involved with golf course construction and renovation," said Justin Apel, GCBAA executive director. "Version 7 has everything developers, designers, architects, superintendents, appraisers, and builders would need to estimate costs. It's just an excellent tool to use in developing a budget for a project on any scale."

The cost estimating guide uses the Microsoft Excel platform and features information in seven zone categories, which include 18-hole renovation, 18-hole renovation rototill, USGA greens renovation, tee renovation, bunker renovation, irrigation renovation, new 18-hole construction and a build-your-own-course manual mode. To ensure cost accuracy, line-item costs are broken down by state along with additional subareas for more accurate pricing.

Package Contents

Narrative description of each of the 80 line-items of golf course construction. Average quantities of construction units for the 80 line-items of golf course construction, in each of the 7 construction zones. Sample project worksheet for use on your projects. Guidelines for using the cost data and worksheets. Bibliography of materials related to golf course design and construction. 

Disclaimer - Users of this guide may adjust the average quantities the GCBAA suggests for the line items and project types, however prices are locked fields intentionally. The GCBAA average prices reflect data collected from its members and users are not allowed to adjust those prices. To make adjustments to prices for your own project, you can use the Manual Bid Form or Zero the Quantity and add the line item at the bottom of the form in the allowable space.

The costs outlined in this guide are a compilation of costs submitted by GCBAA members as examples of representative construction costs. Actual costs can vary substantially on any given project. The costs referenced in this guide are for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as the basis for any bid, proposal, or cost estimate. Users of this information are advised to develop their own projected costs as GCBAA does not warrant the utilization of any bid, proposal, or cost estimate provided in this guide. For more information on project costs, contact a member of the GCBAA.

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