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The future of the game of golf in the United States depends on those young boys and girls interested in learning and respecting the game of golf. The responsibility to secure the future of golf lies with those of us benefiting from golf today. The Golf Course Builders Association of America established the Golf Course Builders Association of America Foundation to provide the tools and opportunities necessary to allow as many junior golfers as possible to enjoy the game.

Since its establishment, the GCBAA Foundation has taken special interest in supporting underprivileged children by launching Sticks for Kids, a junior golf outreach program for youth aged 5-18. The program provides each Sticks for Kids location with clubs, bags, teaching and marketing materials, and instructors for participating courses. Children are taught not only the fundamentals of the game, but also life lessons such as etiquette, integrity, sportsmanship, safety, and respect for themselves and others. The safe, friendly environment and PGA Certified instructors optimize each child's personal experience.

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